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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Seal Rock @ Laguna Beach

My friend/neighbor/sista- Kimber and I escaped a bit today. After going to hear Barbara's son's band, the Green Room, play their classic rock at the Spirit Run at Fashion Island we headed over to Laguna Beach - five minutes from home in Corona del Mar. I had read about a man who was photographing and video taping the whales - from the vista point at Crescent Beach - so we went to check him and the whales out........

I've loved this spot since my daughter Jill discovered it a few years ago...this path leads you to a vista overlooking the water-- the park setting and flowers, along with the view is breathtaking...

...This is Seal the seals are here. ;-) and they are on a rock ;-)
if you enlarge the photo by doing the magic click on the image you can also see the dolphin right there behind the seals...

Yeah...I had "camera envy" when I saw the whale guy's setup! He gets here to Crescent Bay Point at 5:30a.m. every morning to do his days a week! There are more cameras and telescopes you can't see in this photo.

...This is Crescent Bay - and Laguna Beach in the background...

...If you were hanging over the rail like me...this is what you would see...
Kimberly and I were only here for about 30 minutes and we saw about 5 whales. It was an overcast day and I could not get my camera to focus on them from this distance...but one of these bet I will :-) so stay tuned!

A Little Poetry

This poem was originally posted on my other blog. I am transfering some posts over here to The Blue Cottage. This was one of my Mom's favorites and I dedicate it to her.
It was also published in Artella 'Zine.

Dreamers and thinkers
Woodsmen and tinkers
Craftsmen of wood…words…and whim
Come out of your hiding
Your light is worth shining
We all need a friend now and then.

The forest was quiet
No one could deny it
We all wondered ‘Where’?
Wondered ‘When’?
Will the light soon start shining?
Will there be no more hiding?
Would each creature be each creature’s friend?

Oh, the three of us swallowed
And the three of us shivered
But we all knew we all must go on
For the Garden of Seekers
Would have no more Keepers
If the dreamers stop dreaming for long.

The trees of the forest
Spread out their limbs toward us
And the feeling just welcomed us in…
We stood in the light
What a beautiful sight
For man and the earth were both friends.

No one was left hiding
There was no denying
Each creature was each creature’s friend
And when the energy touched us
We all felt so much of
The love that was growing within.

There were dreamers and thinkers
Woodsmen and tinkers
Craftsmen of wood…words…and whim
And the Gardeners and Keepers
And all of us Seekers
Knew we had found life once again.

Were we scared? Not a minute
For their hearts were all in it
They were loving and caring and wise
And they knew we had come from a land not so kind
For they said that it showed in our eyes.

And they told us to bring you a message
And to make their message quite clear—
And to those whom it’s told
It will never grow old
For the message is simple and dear.

They told us to keep on believing
And to live life one day at a time
And that life truly does have more meaning
If we’d just keep an open mind…
Then they quietly all started weeping
And we gently spoke asking them why?
And they said, wiping tears, to all those who’d hear
Only few would find truth in their lives.

Then the sun slowly was slipping
With the man-in-the-moon on the rise
And we knew that our journey was ending
For we all felt the tears in our eyes.

Someone had gathered the music
That they’d found somewhere in the wind
And the mountains all sang
While the trees clapped their hands
And we knew we’d be back here again.

So, to you dreamers and thinkers
The woodsmen and tinkers
You craftsmen of wood…words…and whim
Come out of your hiding
Your light is worth shining
We’ll all need a friend until then.

© 2003 J.M.E.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Nature Rocks!

My friend Linda called this the shy dolphin. And she was right. The pod of dolphins frolicking around in Little Corona beach this past Wednesday were pretty low key. Usually they leap into the air..much to my delight. This one I caught a photo of was just on cruise control :) I can see the dolphins everyday and still get so excited.

I love, love, love the variety of earthly delights that grow along the path down to the beach :-)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I would have posted photos I took today during my 'mental health break' -- you know, one of those days when you just HAVE to get away from everything, and do nothing. Yeah. So I went and sat on the cliffs above the beach with my camera. Alone. Ahh. I caught a few photos of dolphins, and some beautiful spring flowers -- all of which I would share - but blogger is being a bloggrrrrr! tonight and won't let me upload photos. Hmm. Maybe it feels like doing nothing too!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Word Cloud

Click here to create this cool word cloud for Your Blog!

Thanks to Tammy, a very cool artist residing in Colorado for turning me on to this fun program.

The Word Cloud is created from words found throughout your blog.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Flying Beetle!

"Cooper" took this trippy shot Saturday evening just after sunset up on Pacific overlooking Newport Harbor and the entire Balboa Peninsula. It looks like my Beetle is flying - without a driver! :-)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Whale Of A Time!

I sat upon the cliff's of Lil' Corona today -- and watched a WHALE.
I tried like hell -
To get a photo of the whale-
To no avail :(

Nor did I get photo's of the dolphin's leaping before me.
But - and this is for the BIRDS...
I got the pelicans flying by -
And this flock of seagulls on the beach which reminded me of the 'flying class' that Jonathan Livingstone Seagull was in :)

(remember to click image to view larger)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Goddess Wish Box

A goddess should have her wishes granted. Write them down and put them in your Goddess Wish Box. When we write out our wishes we become more focused and they become real :)

My Goddess Wish Box is completely handcrafted. I use sturdy chipboard to construct my boxes (these are not pre-made boxes). The box is embellished with beautiful art, fibers and beads.

If you are interested in owning this ONE-OF-A-KIND wish box and would like more information - please, email me at

Be sure to click the images for magical larger views to appear :)

Monday, March 13, 2006

Gooooood Morning Little Corona::::::::::

I have had a lot of requests lately to post photo's of the area we live in. Early this morning I took these photo's of Little Corona Beach - also called The Tidepools. This area is a public beach, yet it is a protected sealife refuge. When I write about going to sit on the cliffs - this is where I go. It is two blocks from our cottage. (all images can be clicked on for better viewing)
:::::Morning on Little Corona Beach:::::

:::::My favorite rock formations between Little Corona Beach and CdM Main Beach:::::

:::::My Sanctuary- Little Corona:::::

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday Sunset

(click on the image and it magically gets BIGGER!)
After a downpour late this afternoon I grabbed my camera and went to the beach to take photo's of the clouds and sunset. This photo is taken from a vantage point a block up from our cottage. The view is Newport Harbor, Balboa Island and Peninsula - and way off on the horizon sits Santa Catalina Island.

(whenever I put two or more photo's here, only one can be enlarged...why is that? So, I regret--clicking on this image does not make any magic happen!)

I love this weathered gate with the No Trespassing sign I spotted. I want to get some shots of it during daylight hours.

Friday, March 10, 2006

All Hail Broke Loose!

In So. Cal we get So. Excited when we have REAL weather. If a forecast of "drizzle" makes the local news it becomes ::::STORM WATCH 2006:::: Yes. Pathetic. We know. And then the weather "teases" before the weather-person comes on camera usually go something like..."when will it end?'', "stay tuned for the latest radar images!" End? Who wants it to end? We NEED rain. We dance for rain. Will work for rain. But as soon as we get it they want to tell us when it will end. Fire these people.

Well, today we got something REAL. Hail. And we all got so excited that one family member (and I won't name names) hurt herself getting off her sleeper chair so fast to see it because another family member yelled to her in a PANIC STRICKEN voice to "come here quick"....hearing "come here quick", the beating hail on the skylight in her dressing room, and me running for my camera down the hallway made her think either we were in the midst of an approaching tsunami, or giant killer bee's were trying to get in her bathroom through the skylight. All this for hail.

I have proof. Of the hail that is. The injured family member chose not to be photographed.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

All We Are Saying Is Give Pizza Chance

(click to enlarge, back away from keyboard, and drool)
:::::Peach Melba Puff Pastry Pizza:::::
It took me a few tries to get the name right. It took Kimber only a minute to convince me to try a tiny slice at 9:30PM! Now YOU try saying it 5 times fast...and then walk around the block 5 times fast after eating it!
I have tried (unsuccessfully) to get Kimber to open an eatery here in the CdM Village...Kimber's Comfort Kitchen...but I think she just likes cooking and baking for us...cause she loves us :)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Did I Mention I Live In Paradise?

Before heading out for Sterling Art today I drove around the corner from home to check out what was happening at the beach (Little Corona). We awoke to pounding rain and howling wind this morning. I rolled down the window on my Bug and took these photo's. They say a picture is worth a thousand words -- so here's a couple thousand worth and I will shuddup :)

(click to enlarge images)