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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Art-ful Day on eBay ;-)

We have added a few art auctions on eBay today!
Again, if you go to my daughters website at:
and click on:
it will take you to our eBay Auction!

Another in my One-Of-A-Kind series of Altered Matchbook.

Old House
These tea bag 'sleeves' have been fun to make - this is my second one up for auction.

A pocket or purse size journal for writing down moments of inspiration while on the run!
This is made completely from recycled paper - our Planet will thank you for using this!

Be sure to check out my daughter's items as well :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Another Lil' Goodie...

I am really into 'recycle' art these days...finding what I have around my home to make ART with. It's fun and challenging, and enviromentally sound :)

I am now 'altering' the tea bag sleeves (is that what they are called?) from my morning tea and adding a tag that I create that slips pefectly inside. These are distressed and fun and FUNky.

My daughter Jill and I are selling our ART on access our items and bid on something you like click on Jill's website:
Then click on:

Sunday, January 14, 2007

HOT Art !

HolySheepSh*t it has been awhile since I've blogged, eh?
Before you go thinking I have been up to 'no good' and it's been keeping me away from the computer ...I will SHOW you what I have been doing with every free moment I have:

These are Altered Matchbooks. I have a bag filled with old matchbooks that my Mom had given me years ago -- and I just never had the heart to throw them away. While in the art studio I picked one up and started painting, stamping and generally distressing :)

For fun I asked my daughter to put them up on eBay "just to see if they might sell"...and each one I have created so far has sold (all of the ones shown here).

No, I don't sell them framed...I was just fooling around with our Web-Easy software program and thought it looked kinda I am presenting them to you this way :)

I am currently making more and will have them up on eBay this coming week...