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Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Little Poetry

This poem was originally posted on my other blog. I am transfering some posts over here to The Blue Cottage. This was one of my Mom's favorites and I dedicate it to her.
It was also published in Artella 'Zine.

Dreamers and thinkers
Woodsmen and tinkers
Craftsmen of wood…words…and whim
Come out of your hiding
Your light is worth shining
We all need a friend now and then.

The forest was quiet
No one could deny it
We all wondered ‘Where’?
Wondered ‘When’?
Will the light soon start shining?
Will there be no more hiding?
Would each creature be each creature’s friend?

Oh, the three of us swallowed
And the three of us shivered
But we all knew we all must go on
For the Garden of Seekers
Would have no more Keepers
If the dreamers stop dreaming for long.

The trees of the forest
Spread out their limbs toward us
And the feeling just welcomed us in…
We stood in the light
What a beautiful sight
For man and the earth were both friends.

No one was left hiding
There was no denying
Each creature was each creature’s friend
And when the energy touched us
We all felt so much of
The love that was growing within.

There were dreamers and thinkers
Woodsmen and tinkers
Craftsmen of wood…words…and whim
And the Gardeners and Keepers
And all of us Seekers
Knew we had found life once again.

Were we scared? Not a minute
For their hearts were all in it
They were loving and caring and wise
And they knew we had come from a land not so kind
For they said that it showed in our eyes.

And they told us to bring you a message
And to make their message quite clear—
And to those whom it’s told
It will never grow old
For the message is simple and dear.

They told us to keep on believing
And to live life one day at a time
And that life truly does have more meaning
If we’d just keep an open mind…
Then they quietly all started weeping
And we gently spoke asking them why?
And they said, wiping tears, to all those who’d hear
Only few would find truth in their lives.

Then the sun slowly was slipping
With the man-in-the-moon on the rise
And we knew that our journey was ending
For we all felt the tears in our eyes.

Someone had gathered the music
That they’d found somewhere in the wind
And the mountains all sang
While the trees clapped their hands
And we knew we’d be back here again.

So, to you dreamers and thinkers
The woodsmen and tinkers
You craftsmen of wood…words…and whim
Come out of your hiding
Your light is worth shining
We’ll all need a friend until then.

© 2003 J.M.E.


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