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Saturday, December 31, 2005

It's A Zen Thing

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Carving rubber stamps has quickly become a Zen thing for me. The 'Converse' shoes are my 2nd attempt at carving. I like that I must 'be in the moment' ...fully concentrating, or cut myself (!), and that it's quiet.


And a happy New Year

Let's hope it's a good one

Without any fear

War is over


If you want it

War is over Now...

Friday, December 30, 2005

Our Lady Of The Lost and Found

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Did you know that The Virgin Mary has appeared on the cover of Time magazine more than any other woman, EVER? I found that fascinating - and it inspired me to create my first Altered Book - Our Lady Of The Lost and Found. On the page(s) I have pictured here I created tiny Time magazine's, each with an image of The Virgin Mary on the cover. I've slipped them into little sleeve's that have a clock face (Time!) stamped on them.

Time Out

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Let's face it. I am damn lucky. When I need to clear my mind, reconnect with my spirit, or just find a 'moment' of peaceful easy feelin'..I walk across the Goldenrod Footbridge to Look Out Point and see THIS.

In this view you are gazing across over to the West Jetty (Newport Harbor) at Balboa Peninsula and the world famous "Wedge" bodysurfing spot. On the horizon you see Santa Catalina Island ablaze at sunset over the Pacific. My family and I spent many weekends on Santa Catalina Island growing up --- memories I cherish.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


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My Wish-Box is handcrafted. I build my boxes with sturdy chipboard. They are decorated inside and out - and embellished. This one is my "Oh la la" Paris Wish Box -- embellished with an antique key and beautiful fibers. Write down your Wishe's for 2006 and tuck them in here. For more information, or to purchase my one-of-a-kind box contact me at

Monday, December 26, 2005

Can You Tell Me How To Cope, How To Cope on Heliotrope?

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It's easier, and a helluva lot more FUN with Kimberly (Auntie Kimber) living 3-doors down. She resides in her teeny-tiny cottage with Parker and Bell -her 4-footed furry kids- and Thom...who puts up with us all. Kimber is a life-saver, literally.

Who's Your Homeboy?

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Evan lives next door. I love this kid.
He is eleven years old and stands 5'9" tall.
His heart is as big as the Pacific Ocean.

You can take the girl outta the 'hood...

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...but you can't take the 'hood outta the girl.
...can you detect the 'chola' residing in the white CdM girl?
...that's my kid ;-)

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Sharp Objects & Bubble Gum Pink Rubber!

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This is my first EVER attempt at carving a rubber stamp.
I used Speedball Speedy Stamp rubber and Speedball Carving tools.
It's an emu...and she's looking at you. Cute eh? In a weird sort of way?