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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Hey if I am going to have a cottage full of paramedics and firemen I would prefer not to be spinning so fast that I cannot see how cute they are! Bummer!
Well, that was the case on Monday afternoon.
What started out as a slight dizziness turned into a full fledged holding my head yelling for my daughter VERTIGO.
But hey, at least I picked a good Hitchcock movie :)

I laugh now, but at the time I was scared sh*tless to be honest. Our large leaded glass hutch in the living room became a kaleidoscope and although I enjoyed the psychedelic sixties this trip was more than I could handle!

The paramedics were a little concerned that I was not vomiting - as that is a sure sign of vertigo. I made them happy once we were in ER and a "vommie-potty" or whatever those things are were no where to be found...opps. I just missed the shiny black shoes of the "i think must be cute" paramedic.

It's no fun having to keep your eyes closed when all the action is going on around you and its about you! But whew, I knew I hadn't been invited on Nicholas Cages new yacht but I could not find my land legs or my land eyes. I suppose I looked sort of like this: L@@K! only faster!

Naturally the ER Doctor -- appropriately named Dr. Cloud - surmised that I was one of the most pronounced cases of vertigo he'd seen in ER.

Thanks to the medication I sort of slept through Tuesday and Wednesday -- with only one very mild spinning sensation and my daughter quickly brought me my med's - which quickly took me back to la-la land.

I've had enough of this spinning can someone please put on The Birds, or some other Hitchcock flick...?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pocket Sized Art

Here are three pocket-sized art pieces that can be used as ephemera in your mixed media pieces or simply collected :) The images are embedded with a dimensional paper glaze that makes them look as though they are under glass.
These wee bits of art have been fun and on to bigger things... :)
(all previously posted art has sold)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mixed Media Ephemera

Here are my two latest offerings on eBay of my new ephemera line for altered art and mixed media artistic endeavors - and if you are not an artist - these are just FUN to collect :-)

I hope you enjoy looking at them - click image for larger view!

TALL TALES measures approx: 3" x 4"
*edit: the bird on this piece is done in a dimensional new favorite product! It looks like the image is embedded in glass...loooove it!

Note To Self: Life Altering Experience measures approx: 3" x 3 7/8"

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Only ONE o'clock!

Finally, the TIME has come.
I am introducing my FIRST new One-Of-A-Kind Altered Book Wall Clocks.
Only ONE o'clock!

Home is where your story begins...

I am selling these via auction on eBay...You can go to our eBay through my daughter's website at:
then click on:

Please click on the images below to view larger.
As always I look forward to your comments!