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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Art Is All Around Us

The Only Limit To Good Design Is The Imagination

Glass lamp shade in my studio.

An interesting marionette.

A drawer on Grandma Sarre's antique Singer sewing machine.
(all of these items are in my studio)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lookin' For Art In All The Right Places...

(knock on the door with your cursor to make it look bigger!)

My altered door. (for the record, the record you see is a 78rpm, Wake Up Little Susie by The Everly Brothers- the first rock and roll record I ever bought at age 7 in 1957...the record has a split in it..but I could not imagine throwing it away...I paid .25cents for it brand new!)

(tap on the image with your cursor and you will see it better!)

This little keepsake belonged to Grandma Lorenza Rosa Lombardo...she kept her bobbie pins in it.

(mirror, mirror,on the wall... click on me and I won't be small!)

A detail of the mirror that hangs in my studio/bedroom...hey, I live in a beach cottage, not surprising if it was my studio/bedroom/livingroom/kitchen! I would rather live in this postage stamp of a place then not have the ocean an arms length away....

Monday, May 29, 2006

Warning: Blogger For Peace!

In sorrowful memory
for those who have sacrificed their lives
for oil and arrogant leaders.
Memorial Day, 2006

Saturday, May 27, 2006

note to self: one fine day

(if you click on the image it GROWS LARGER before your very eyes!)

Today was all about Artistic Experiments. It has not been easy for me to get back into the creative groove I was in before my Mom became very ill and passed away. I felt uninspired, doubting my artistic self...and not finding the joy in art I once held. After some very deep soul-searching while sitting and gazing out to sea I knew I needed to get back to who I am.

It is taking some baby steps to arouse my muse - and rather than focusing on a 'project' or specific idea I am experimenting with techniques I have been wanting to try.

The experiment above titled ... note to self: one fine day... was a whirl at black and white photocopy image transfers on a piece of canvas. I used Fluid Matt Medium to achieve the transfer - then I scratched the surface with a sharp tool so that I could add various washes of acrylic color.

The idea came to me because while I go about my day doing mundane things - my mind wanders to other places I would like to be...places like France. My Grandmother came from Pau, France and was French -Basque. At the age of seven she boarded a ship to the U.S. ...alone! She had a name tag pinned to her coat ...and the promise of an Aunt waiting for her arrival. Katherine Sarre inspires me everyday of my art studio is named after Grandma - StudioLaSarre.


(click on the image and see what you're missing!)

Since I acquired my Canon digital I have taken a LOT of boring photos. Ok, some not so boring I suppose...but ordinary. Today I decided I would give myself specific assignments to stretch my photo-art-ops..yeah, I just made that up. :) So, I sought out ARTY looking scenarios..and today I limited it to my room/studio and our front deck. The photo above is of my Grandma Lorenza's old house keys. I have them hanging (as you can see) on the doorknob of my 'Door To Limitless Possiblities'...which is an actual door that I have been altering for some time now as the spirit moves me!


(click on the image and you might be able to read the temperture!)

Out on the deck my eye immediately went to the worn clay pot and rusted thermometer that my parents have had around since I was a KID! (whew, that's old!).

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Where I Get Away From It All....

The photo below is Before black and white...the bench where I go on the path to Little Corona Beach to get away from it all....

And then it's COLOR, COLOR...the wonderful world of COLOR....

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Ruth...

Name 5 things in your fridge: 1) a gallon of purified water
2) a ton of fresh veggies 3) milk 4) leftover pizza from Gina's 5) phoney poultry slices

Name 5 things in your closet: 1) new pair of "job hunting dressy shoes" 2) box of collage ephemera 3) my Canon digital camera 4) mom's summer straw hat I bought her when she moved to the beach 5) flip flops
Name 5 things in your purse: 1) Disneyland Annual Pass 2) Tic-Tac's 3) Beatles White Album CD 4) most recent photo taken of mom 5) micron pen/small journal

Tag, You're It :

~ jill
~medicine man
(change *purse* to backpack or wallet....I know you don't carry a purse !)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Some of My Favorite Things

(click image for larger view)

It's obvious to everyone who reads my blog that I am in love with the sea...and I cannot imagine living any place else. And for some weird reason I am fascinated with photos of bicycles. So, when you combine the sea with the bicycle I am happyhappyhappy! I am experimenting with black and white photography lately...and love the timeless quality it reflects.

(click image for larger view)

This beauty is The Lynx and she is a replica of a pirateering vessle. You can catch her at the Nautical Museum in town and climb aboard for a history lesson at sea with a reenactment of a battle. It's always a kick to watch the tourists on land JUMP when she shoots her cannon! Santa Catalina looms in the background - and again - I wanted this shot to look 'historical' like the sailing vessle herself and captured her in black and white today.

(click image for larger view)

Last week I was wandering down the street (as always with my camera slung over my shoulder) and it was during our "May Gray" days...I wasn't really expecting to find anything worth capturing...when all of a sudden the shot above appeared. I LOVE TUG BOATS - and I don't often see them in our harbor (Newport Harbor)...I have no idea what is being tugged and pushed...but it captured my attention until I could no longer see it in the misty gray harbor. In the background lies Balboa Peninsula.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

12th Annual Balboa Island Art Walk

If the weather and my back holds up tomorrow I will be meandering 'round the 12th Annual Balboa Island Art Walk. Held along the waterfront it is one of the most serene environments, while at the same time alive and vibrant with artists of many different mediums participating. As if ART were not enough to make me happy there are musicians performing in front yards along the bay's edge. You can bet I will have my camera!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Friday Night Escapism

We went to Disneyland Friday night for a wee bit of escapism. That's the great thing about having the Premium Annual Passes...within 3 visits the pass pays for itself - and the rest of the year is like having free entertainment :) [photo by Marissa]The 50th Anniversary is still in full swing. To think- my first time in the Magic Kingdom was in 1957 - I was 7 years old - and of course Disneyland was in black and white then...ha ha ha..a little Boomer-Humor ! [Photo by Marissa]We went mainly to see the pyrotechnic spectacular - "Remember Dreams Come True"...The lightshow that is projected on It's A Small World (photo above) and Sleeping Beauty's Castle is mindblowing - my photo captured but one small moment of it...

It's A Small World Afterall....It's A Small World's a small, small world! I just HAD to do that so the song would stick in YOUR head all night long too!

We stayed till closing (midnight) and captured a rare glimpse of The Disneyland Railroad Station empty! These are the times I fantasize of having the entire park to myself :) Hey, Remember..Dreams Can Come True!!! [photo by Marissa]

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Show & Tell

I realized it's been quite some time since I have shared any of my creations here on my blog. So, it's time for Show & Tell kids :-)
I created my Storybook Clock several months ago -- and I wasn't sure if I wanted to part with it. My Mom had seen it and loved it. Her approval and kudos meant the world to me. She took such joy in my creativity. But, alas, I finally felt that someone special to each of us would receive it as a gift for Winter Solstice. And so, I happily packaged it up and gave it with joy.
The piece started out as a simple flat topped 4-drawer little chest which I quickly altered to my liking. The top piece that looks like rusted iron was created using foamboard and a rusting medium. The clock in the top drawer is a working clock - the drawer opens so a battery in the clock movement can be changed. I achieved the vintage worn look with layers of paint, a peeling paint technique and sanding. I was very pleased with the results -- and by the smile and surprise on the face of the recepient I achieved my goal -- a piece to be cherished. (Click on images for larger detailed views)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Job Hunting

I am nearing the age of retirement -- and I am job hunting.
I went on my first interview in over fourteen years on my birthday last Friday. It seemed to go well, and it would be a perfect part-time position as an office assistant. And the paycheck would actually cover the cost of gasoline in Orange County and then some! The great thing is this particular job is only two and a half miles from home.
We will see.
I cringe when I think of the youngsters I am likely competing with. Hopefully my 'experience in life' will amount to something -- or at least make up for a computer skill or two I may lack.
Wish me luck.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today, May 5th is my 56th Birthday! Tomorrow I am celebrating it at DISNEYLAND with my daughter, granddaughter and dear friend/sister Kimberly!

Actually..we are getting our annual passes AGAIN, so we can celebrate the magic all year long!