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Monday, December 10, 2007


I am so sick of the sick of this WAR.
All I Want For Christmas/Solstice Is The War To End.
(John Denver, we miss you - your words of wisdom still touch us today.)

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  • At 10:11 AM , Anonymous metalbanger said...

    We are all tired of lies. Lies from every administration, the lies of our enemies, lies of our friends and lovers. I am thankful for the Soldiers who volunteer their lives, so that we as a people may agree to disagree.
    We cannot propose to know what may be in the hearts of others, so it is unfair to judge by only our personal standards.
    The Bible has said we shall not kill, however who could standby and watch a loved one slaughtered.
    The World stood by and watched Germany and Japan attack neighboring countries until the World was forced to enter the war. How much do we stand and watch? I do not have the answer.
    But we need to ask ourselves how long we were watch Saddam kill his own people, his neighbors and plan the destruction of others?
    We are a people of laws, God's Law and of Man's Law. We cannot choose only to obey the laws we choose, we would then have anarchy.
    Good people will always be good and compassionate, the drunk driver who causes a death but helps the other victim, should he be excused of his crime that caused the accident?
    Should the illegal alien of MS13 gang be excused because he murdered a person while looking for the easier life here in the USA?
    It is so easy to quickly judge, while only looking at the parts we feel compassionate to.
    Mankind should help one another, not covet another's property or country.
    There is so much more to life than criticizing.
    Passed administrations has not faired much better and some have faired worse. The only agreement is that our political system has become corrupted.

  • At 2:41 PM , Anonymous marita said...

    lies rule the world dearest jolene!
    and only the good die young, leaving us behind in dispair, trying to survive ancient and new lies...


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