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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It Was Raining Pine Needles!

There is nothing like the sound of chain saws in the morning ;-) Yesterday the Heliotrope pine trees got a buzz-cut -- Kimber has only been after the tree-trimming honcho for weeks to get this done!
Kimber needed to 'become ONE with the TREE'...such an activist that Kimber :-) Here she is doing her Tree Yoga -- it empowers you to branch out, you feel rooted, and it leaves you feeling refreshed. (Disclaimer: Tree Yoga is completely pine-less and our Yogi's aren't sappy.)

I had to document the tree-trimming Dude in Kimber's tree. I won't say Kimber was supervising...but when she donned the orange hard hat and grabbed a chain saw I was a wee bit concerned.... 0kay, I've gone out on a limb with that one...however, she did want a ride in the bucket!


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