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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom

April 14th
Mom would have been 91 years young today. And I promise you, she would have still been as cool and hip as she ever was. She probably would have wanted The Beatles playing on the stereo as she celebrated the day. And she would have gotten up, held on to her walker...and danced.
I cannot look at a flower and not think of Mom.
And anything in the violet and purple scheme was her favorite. I took the photo below on Thursday at Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach where these grow wildly right above the ocean...all the while thinking of Mom.
She loved the Goldenrod Footbridge around the corner from the cottage when she moved here to CdM. The cascading geraniums were one of her favorites. Don't tell anyone, but she would reach up from the transport chair as I took her for a walk and grab a 'slip' to plant when she'd get home :) My hands graze the flowers each time I walk over the bridge - and think of Mom.

Along the walk to LookOut Point beautiful roses grew in one of the neighborhood yards. And she would breathe in their sweet scent. While walking home the other day I spotted a ladybug on one..and remembered when I was a kid how Mom would say "don't brush her away, she is good luck when she lands on you"!
Happy Birthday Mom. I love you. And I miss you like crazy.


  • At 4:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    What a beautiful memorial post to your Mom! As a tribute to your Mom's favorite flower colors, here is a link to a photo that I took in my neighborhood.

    Take care!

  • At 5:40 PM , Blogger ~jolene said...

    How thoughtful to send the photo.
    Thanks so much!

  • At 12:12 PM , Blogger Dagny said...

    Very sweet tribute.

  • At 4:04 PM , Blogger Ellen said...

    ..."And I miss you like crazy..."

    Well that just made me cry. As I've said before you are so very lucky to love your mom so much. It makes you miss her more, I'm sure, but what wonderful memories and emotions are there to warm your heart.


  • At 6:00 PM , Blogger ~jolene said...

    Dagny, Ellen - thank you both for reading my tribute to Mom.


  • At 3:32 PM , Blogger Tammy said...

    What a sweet tribute to your mom! I am a few days late in catching it... gorgeous flowers! I love the lady bug (and what your mom would have said!!

  • At 4:08 PM , Blogger ~jolene said...

    Tammy, thank you. I hope that each time a ladybug lands on you or is near you YOU will think of my Mom's saying :)


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